Are We Living in a Government Simulation?

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While listening to the excerpt from this week’s podcast, keep in mind what the government and media (the same) have been laser-focused on lately and what they have not. The entire podcast can be found here.

The government and its mouthpieces are bully on balloons! Lots of them and shooting them out of the sky with minimal information given to the public. The gaslighting is supreme in this hot air moment. However, there is a media and Biden administration blackout on the bombshell that our government engaged in a terrorist attack against a sovereign country’s infrastructure ( Nord Stream 1 and 2.) All the latest shocking covid vaccination info has also been worm-holed. Did you know we have an ecological /chemical disaster unfolding in Ohio? And what about all that classified document stuff? Don’t look now, But Russia’s offensive has started and Ukraine/NATO/USA are losing.

Oh, and there is another little story that is being ignored too. Twitter executive’s testimony to Congress reveals their roles in influencing the outcome of the 2020 election. Voter fraud is apparently not newsworthy of late.

Simulations are all about misdirection to keep those caught up in them clueless.

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By Bekah Lyons

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