Arizona Supreme Court Responds to Kari Lake’s Second Election Petition

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The Arizona Supreme Court struck down gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s second request to take up her election appeal that is currently being heard by a state Appeals Court as Lake said Wednesday that she believes her case will be eventually heard by the Supreme Court.

In an order issued on Wednesday (pdf), the state’s high court wrote that “as indicated by the Court of Appeals’ order setting an accelerated briefing schedule, the Court has no reason to doubt that the Court of Appeals appreciates Petitioner’s (Lake’s) desire for an expedited resolution.”

The Supreme Court then wrote that it will again deny the petition for transfer without prejudice “to seeking expedited review of an adverse decision after the Court of Appeals has had an adequate opportunity to consider the pleadings, conference the matter, and prepare a well-considered decision.”

In her latest petition to the Arizona Supreme Court, Lake, a Republican, wrote that “in vacating the January 24 oral argument date on which this Court relied in part to deny Lake’s prior petition to transfer, however, the Court of Appeals opened the door to months of potential delay.”

The court responded to that argument by saying the Court of Appeals entered an order on Jan. 9 and set up an expedited briefing schedule regarding her case with the next conference starting Feb. 1. Earlier reports indicated that the appeals court initially wanted to start in March.

A former broadcast journalist endorsed by former President Donald Trump, Lake filed a lawsuit in December against former Secretary of State and now-Gov. Katie Hobbs and several Maricopa County officials, asking the courts to either re-do the election in Maricopa or declare her the winner. Before she was sworn in earlier this month, Hobbs had defeated Lake by 17,000 votes.

During a two-day trial last month, Maricopa Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson dismissed Lake’s case and claimed she did not present enough evidence to make her case. That prompted Lake to petition both the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

By Jack Phillips

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