At Hearing on Military Extremism, Religious Liberty Expert Tells House Committee To Protect Service Members’ Constitutional Rights

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At Hearing on Military Extremism, Religious Liberty Expert Tells House Committee To Protect Service Members’ Constitutional Rights

Washington, DC—First Liberty Institute’s General Counsel Mike Berry, a former active duty U.S. Marine Corps officer, testified today at the House Armed Services Committee hearing on “Extremism in the Armed Forces.”

“Congress must hold the Department of Defense accountable to the Constitutional guarantees of free speech and religious freedom for all Americans—including our service members,” Berry told the Committee.  “A truly diverse military means one that is open and welcoming to all who meet the standards for service.  Likewise, it means a rejection of attempts to target a religious belief or worldview with which one disagrees.  In the zeal to expel the extreme, our leaders must ensure that these bedrock principles of American virtue are not only protected, but cherished.”

Berry’s full testimony is available below and here.

Written Statement of First Liberty Institute Michael Berry General Counsel & Director of Military Affairs


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