Atlanta Shootings Prove Universal Background Checks Like H.R. 8 Will Not Prevent Gun Violence

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We had someone who went out and killed eight people and the gun that he used to do it with, he bought legally.

Not only did he buy it legally, the cops literally said there’s nothing in his background that would have prevented him from owning that gun.

So even if we had Universal Background Checks like HR 8 and the guy went to a gun store to get a background check to buy a gun, he would have passed.

What do you do in the face of that? It’s not this is just anecdotal, this happens pretty regularly when we talk about these types of tragedies. The vast majority of mass shootings are committed with legal people who own guns legally.

You have our politicians in congress wasting time on bills like H.R. 8 that will literally do nothing to stop the very thing they claim it’s supposed to stop.

It’s not that it won’t do as well at stopping it, it won’t do anything… nothing.

You have the prime example of it right here yet they waste time in congress talking about HR 8 and universal background checks and all that nonsense which tells me two things:

Either they just want to look like they’re doing something knowing they’re doing nothing, or, there is something more nefarious afoot.

I’m more inclined to go with the latter and the reason why I’m more inclined to go with the latter is that we’ve seen them do it with the current background check system that we have right now.

When it was implemented the whole concept of it being a “loophole” to be able to buy a gun privately or transfer them privately without a background check as long as you know the person isn’t a prohibited possessor was not a loophole.

It was purposefully left out of that particular bill because they understood it went too far.

They understood that and they did not have the support for it.

Now fast forward to 2021 and they’re literally trying to do the very thing that they said they weren’t going to try to do before.

That should tell you that if we do get universal background checks it’s not going to stop at the universal background checks because as I pointed out over and over again as well as I pointed out in the video that I did responding to Politifact, that if you have a universal background check you can’t enforce it effectively, you can barely enforce it at all without having a national gun registry.

If the universal background check already is ineffective at stopping the very types of crime and shootings that they claim it will, what do you think is gonna happen five years, ten years from now, when literally nothing changed but then we get another mass shooting that happens?

They’ll say, “We have universal background checks that didn’t work well and why didn’t it work well?”

“That would be because it’s ineffective because we don’t have a national database of all the guns to check it against so what do we do?”

“Well, we’re going to have to register all the guns in order to make it more effective.”

I put out a video a long time ago of a woman who was in Nazi Germany who explained that’s exactly the same progression that they use to take the guns away from citizens. She stated, first comes the registry, and then after that, they were like well violence didn’t go down so now we have to take the guns and we know where all the guns are.

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