Baltimore Man Says Donald Trump Is Not Against Black People He Is Against Globalist

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Baltimore man says President Trump is not against black people he is against globalist.


This is my first YouTube video, first social media video, so I’m not sure if I’m even doing it right, but here it goes. I just want to say something. I just got into a beef with my best friend over some political issues. I just wish people would wake up and realize that Trump is not fighting against you. Trump is not fighting against black people. he’s not fighting against Spanish people. he’s not fight against transgender, he’s not fighting against Mexicans, or none of that s***. Trump is fighting against globalist, globalist don’t have nothing to do with none of us. Globalist, they are people who believe in one world order, one-world agenda. They’re Bankers, the money, the movie makers, they’re the ones who hate Trump for a reason, cuz he’s not they’re plan, he’s not part of the agenda. Trump done went over there got North Korea to put down they’re guns. He done squash the beef with mother f****** Russia. He done told China to stop playing with us and pay us and pay us our money. Went to the European Union told them that y’all owe us money, time to pay up, or you all not going to get no security. He then cut the ***damn corporate tax from 35% to 21% making us more f****** competitive in the global market. Black people unemployment rate is it’s all time low. Women’s unemployment rate, all time low. Spanish people unemployment rate all time low. You got jobs coming back to Pennsylvania. People pouring steel again in America. Shit that they say we weren’t never going to have again, and they still try to make this a black-and-white issue.

Now is not the time for angry black people to stand up. Now is not the time for f****** angry Mexicans to stand up. Now is not the time for f****** transgenders to stand up. Now is the time for f****** Patriots to stand up. Patriots who love America. When I find out that most motherfuker don’t like America. They say f*** America, when it’s all said and done, at the end of the argument. It’s time for patriots to stand up. I understand that America’s got a rough history, but a lot of people died for this country that was black, who died for this country too your just going to let the country go. Go the f*** somewhere else. Go somewhere else if you don’t like America, okay because this ain’t about you. I’m black. I don’t even know white people. This s*** ain’t even about me, this is about America. We been losing on every f****** thing, owing everybody money across the world but nobody don’t owe us s***. China’s stealing all our intellectual properties and sending it to the rest of the world for pennies on the f****** dollar. We losing. This is a man that’s trying to stand up for the country. We can fix the rest of this s*** later, first we got to say the mother******* ship. The ship has been sinking, has been sinking. He’s trying to put a Bandaid on it, fix the mother, save the country, then we can fix this racism s*** and all this other s*** you all keep crying about. It’s time for Patriots to stand up. I’m a f****** Patriot. I love America. I love the freedom that it gives me here. Yeah we got racism issues, but that’s not the biggest issue. People don’t understand, Trump supporters is about one thing, America First. That means we don’t want to hear about your racist s***. We don’t want to hear about your Mexican’s, your f****** transgenders and none of this s***. We want talk about America First, and right now we are winning. We are respected in the world right now, okay. We’re making money, people know not to play with us.

Trump’s number one job is Commander and Chief of our military. People saying Trumps going to start a war. Where the f*** is the war? He squashed the beef, you hear me, he squashed the beef, no North Korea. Don’t f*** with us no more Little Rocket boy because we will smash your ass. Takes real balls to do that s***. He ain’t playing with these people. And then they try to say he colluded with Russia. Collusion with Russia for what, for the peace? We was about to go with World War 3 f****** with Hillary and them. Don’t you all remember? Russia moved in f****** air defense to Syria, the line was drawn in the sand. We was suppose to be gone. Hillary was suppose to be president. We were suppose to set this s*** off. It wasn’t they’re plan for Trump to win. He may be an a******, a biggot or, it don’t make a motherf****** difference. It was not their plan for him to win. They had a plan and now their mad as s***. So you got to hate your mother, wake up Patriots, stand up. This ain’t a black or white thing. Stand up. God bless you. God Bless America. God bless Donald Trump. Power to the people. I don’t give a f*** about none of that racial s*** right now, we’re trying to save America, America first. Make America Great Again!

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