Bannon: ‘The Answer Is No’ To Spending in D.C.

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Steve Bannon talks to economist Steve Moore about the coming financial crisis of the federal government, and Steve is ANGRY!

“I want to make sure people purely understand this process. This audience and the American people have all the power. In D.C., they don’t have the power… We have on midnight of the 30th the federal government’s budget runs out, they have to get authorization to spend a penny the next day, or the Democrats have to shut the government down… And because of divine providence, on Oct. 15 — 15 days later — they run out of the ability to even spend that money because the debt ceiling locks them in, they can’t borrow anymore. So for this audience… stop complaining. The power is in your hands. There is no more intermediary. … On any continuing resolution which lets them get past the 30th for the annual budget, the answer is NO!”

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