Barr defends Durham probe

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Attorney General William Barr says John Durham is making progress in Russia-probe inquiry

Durham now has the ability impanel a grand jury, issue subpoenas and file criminal charges; David Spunt reports from Chicago.

in an interview with Fox News Attorney General Bill Barr defended the independence and integrity of the politically contentious probe being led by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the handling of the Russia investigation – while taking a swipe at James Comey’s past leadership of the FBI.

It was reported last week by Fox News that the probe into the 2016 origins of the Russia meddling case has gone from a review to a criminal investigation, and Democrats then claimed that the department was becoming a tool for President Trump’s “political revenge.”

While Barr was speaking to Fox News on Monday from the sidelines of a law enforcement event in Chicago, he rejected Democrats’ claims that he is acting as Trump’s personal lawyer.

“That’s completely wrong and there is no basis for it, and I act on behalf of the United States,” Barr said.

The attorney general said that Durham is running the show, while he is only assisting in connecting Durham with countries that could have valuable information.

“He is in charge of the investigation, I’m not doing the investigation,” Barr said, while describing Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, as a person who is “thorough and fair” and who is making progress.

Barr defends Durham probe, rips Comey FBI for ‘failure of leadership’

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