Video Playlist: Basics of Politics and Free Enterprise for Entrepreneurs

Contact Your Elected Officials

Learning the basics of politics is crucial as an entrepreneur. Understanding the role that the government plays in business and the role that entrepreneurs play in society can help us form our own opinions, teach others about the many forms of government and even help create a positive and thriving environment for today and tomorrow’s future entrepreneurs.

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Did you knows about Patrick:

  1. He served at the 101st airborne in the U.S Army.
  2. He enjoys eating raw liver (As the editor, I almost left this one out).
  3. He loves Caviar.
  4. He once walked on a live volcano with Lava near him with 4 of his friends.
  5. He’s a big Laker fan. (That’s an understatement)
  6. His favorite athlete growing up was Juan Gonzalez from the Texas Rangers. One of Patrick‘s emails still has the jersey number of Juan in it; the number 19.
  7. He had shy of a 2.0 GPA in high school yet was fascinated with math.
  8. He can eat a massive watermelon in one sitting all by himself. (He usually spends the next few days in the bathroom)
  9. He has a special recipe on how he barbecues chicken. (Very unique and tasty)
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