Biden Admin’s Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers and Other Mandates Go Against Existing Laws and Are Ineffective

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The Biden Administrations COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers does not follow HHS guidelines since only medical and religious exemptions are allowed. The HHS guidelines protect reasons of conscience and moral objections to medical procedures for Healthcare Workers. An Oxford University article on public health ethics argues against only allowing non-medical exemptions for religious reasons. This also goes against more tolerant healthcare protocols such as in Iceland, where there were no vaccine mandates or passports. Iceland has high vaccination rates and death rates remain low. However, places like Zimbabwe also have had low deaths even though only 6 percent of the population has received the COVID Vaccination. Both Zimbabwe and Iceland have had outbreaks where the death toll was zero. Zimbabwe’s population is 14.86 million while Iceland’s population is 366,425. 


HHS Guidelines: Conscience Protections for Health Care Providers

Oxford Article: Improving Nonmedical Vaccine Exemption Policies: Three Case Studies

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