Biden Appointee Imposing CRT-Based Training on National Credit Union Administration

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Employees and contractors of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)—the federal agency that regulates the credit union industry—are being subjected to racial bias and sensitivity training based on critical race theory (CRT), according to documents obtained by a nonprofit government watchdog.

Judicial Watch said in a statement that it received from the NCUA 15 pages of documents in response to the watchdog group’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The documents show “the government agency responsible for regulating credit unions required ‘inclusion and unconscious bias training’ for the agency’s employees and contractors, and offered advice on how to recognize and address alleged ‘micro-aggressions’ in the workplace,” according to Judicial Watch.

The academic, corporate, and media movement behind CRT claims America is an inherently and irredeemably racist society based on protecting ‘white privilege’ and keeping people of color trapped in institutional oppression as second-class citizens.

The NCUA training program was initiated shortly after Todd Harper was appointed chairman of the agency by President Joe Biden during his first week in the Oval Office in January 2021.

Officials within NCUA’s Office of Women and Minority Inclusion (OWMI) first informed agency employees of the mandatory training course in a Feb. 25, 2021, email providing a link to the course, “Inclusion at Work: Managing Unconscious Bias at the Office.”

The NCUA program, however, isn’t focused solely on the federal workplace, according to the documents obtained by Judicial Watch. In a section of NCUA’s internal newsletter VIBE for March 2021, titled “Diversity and Inclusion Learning,” employees are also advised to:

  • “Take a few minutes to read through these Seven Ways to Be More Inclusive in Your Everyday Life.
  • “Learn How to Be Inclusive Every Day
  • “Got your eye on a promotion or a new position? Use the Inclusion Guide for Interviewees to prepare yourself for diversity and inclusion-related questions that may come up in the interview.”

In the same March 2021 edition of VIBE, Harper told NCUA employees and contractors that “I truly look forward to … advance diversity and inclusion not just within the agency, but also in the entities and communities we serve.”

He also said, “NCUA’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan outlines five additional goals for this work, including one specific to diversity and inclusion in credit unions, and another for diversity in our business activities.”

By Mark Tapscot

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