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Joe Biden entered the Oval Office with no mandate of any kind. The Senate is deadlocked. Democrats in the House hold a razor-thin majority. Joe himself is widely considered by many Americans to be an illegitimate President who took power based on widespread electoral fraud.

Under these circumstances one might normally anticipate four years of standing pat, playing it safe and steering toward the middle. These, however, are not normal times. Biden’s administration is under the control of zealots and insurrectionists bent on transforming America and making revolutionary change. What you have seen to date, radical as it has been, has been only the beginning.

Joe and his comrades are declaring war – on America.

The White House has now unveiled something called the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. It purports to be some sort of national-level assessment of the threat posed and a prescription for how to deal with that threat. That is a lie. This is not a document that was “cross-walked” across the Intelligence Community and federal law enforcement agencies. It does not represent the sage, unbiased assessment of career professionals.

This is a document crafted at the senior levels of this administration by political appointees to serve political purposes. Its manifest intent is to label the political opponents of this regime as enemies of the state so that the power of the state can be used to crush them. There is no ambiguity about that purpose. It drips from every page.

For well over a year we watched our cities burn, our police precincts sacked, and law enforcement personnel assaulted and murdered. The same expressly Marxist groups that perpetrated these crimes and transformed great American cities like Portland, Minneapolis, and Seattle into war zones continue to march, demand revolution, and an end to the republic.

You would know none of that from the new ‘National Strategy.’ In true Orwellian fashion, all of those events are simply erased from history. In their place is enshrined the threat of “white supremacy” and “militias” – itself an obvious code word for armed white people who oppose Joe Biden. Every example of a domestic terrorist attack cited in the entire document involves the actions of a white extremist. Everything else, every riot, every act of arson, every murder, every assault of any kind is simply ignored.

The tone of the document is clear: We are under attack. We are under attack by white supremacists and “private militia.” Our very existence as a nation is at stake. We must act now and do whatever is necessary to crush these people and prevent them from gaining power.

by Charles “Sam” Faddis

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Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart