Biden Destroys American Exceptionalism

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Thanks to four years of strength and prosperity under President Donald Trump, on January 20th of 2021 America was booming and poised to thrive for the next decade and beyond.

Even a worldwide pandemic struggled to truly slow America’s success.

However, through disastrous policies and childish mistakes, the Biden administration has destroyed our economic trajectory and tarnished our country’s reputation throughout the world.

Whether at home or abroad, people have long looked at the United States as the flagbearer of freedom and hope. My family immigrated to the U.S. from Russia in 1993 for that very reason. We wanted to escape the deep anti–Semitism of post-Soviet Russia while yearning for a fresh start and a chance to live the American dream.

I am so thankful for the opportunities this great country provided us and am truly troubled by the fact that America no longer has that winning air of promise and achievement that encouraged my family to pick up and move our lives across continents to be here.

In the span of only nine months, feckless Joe Biden and his administration have wreaked havoc on America’s institutions and have done much to destroy the shining, strutting city on a hill that President Trump handed to them.

President Trump gave us all the tools needed for long-term prosperity and peace even through uncertain times. All the Biden administration had to do was not mess it up.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden and his cronies just couldn’t help themselves despite President Trump paving them a road of success.

Joe Biden’s lack of leadership and ineptitude to carry America forward are causing a full scale economic and national security collapse. We have a border crisis with unvetted foreign nationals coming into the United States by the hundreds of thousands each month. Gas prices are at their highest in seven years – and that is after the Biden administration canceled the Keystone XL oil pipeline earlier this year. Unfortunately, those issues are just the start of Joe Biden’s colossal failures in handling domestic affairs. On the foreign stage, just the unmitigated, historic, epic fail in Afghanistan is enough to entrench Joe Biden as the worst leader in American history.

The excessive spending of Joe Biden and his Democrat comrades has caused inflation to soar. Americans are struggling to pay their bills and support their families. If Biden gets his way, Democrats will soon add trillions more dollars to the national debt in an effort to drastically remake America in their woke left-wing image. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Biden administration’s failures have led to historic supply chain failures that have left store shelves and cupboards empty. Americans are not able to buy basic products and are struggling as a result.

While gas prices soar, supply chains collapse, and air travel is in total disarray, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been on a months-long paternity leave at the expense of us, the American taxpayers.

Let’s be clear, a transportation crisis created our country’s supply chain catastrophe, and Joe Biden’s leading transportation official, as inept as he is when present, was missing in action when our country needed leadership most. Apples don’t appear to fall too far from the tree of clueless Biden in the current administration.

Joe Biden and his so-called team have failed America at every opportunity, and they don’t appear interested in changing course – or even showing up to work.

I vividly remember the feelings of awe and even disbelief we had in coming from post–communist Russia in the early 1990s, where shelves were empty and supply chains were shot, and experiencing the abundance of America. That abundance has been demolished by Biden, Buttigieg, and the rest of the Democrat gang of failures.

As an immigrant who has had the tremendous privilege of living the American dream, I am ashamed of how the current administration has tarnished America’s standing and legacy.

I only hope that our great nation can survive however long Joe Biden has left in the Oval Office.

By Boris Epshteyn

Boris Epshteyn is the founder and president of Georgetown Advisory consulting group and a former special assistant to President Donald Trump.

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