Biden Is A Stone Cold Liar

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Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked President Joe Biden about a Wall Street Journal report that the Biden administration plans to give up to $450,000 per person to people who were separated from their children or parents when they crossed the border illegally. Watch the video here, and listen to Biden call the report “garbage” and say “that’s not going to happen.”

Steve Bannon breaks it down this way: “That’s just a stone cold lie. … The ACLU says it’s absolutely true. His government is working on this. …  Pick ’em: He’s totally incompetent and they don’t keep him informed on anything this government is doing. That’s behind door No. 1. Door No. 2: Joe Biden, because he’s been a politician for 50 years, can look you in the eye and just stone cold lie to you.”

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Biden Says Payments to Families Separated at the Mexico Border Are ‘Not Gonna Happen’

President dismisses reports of DOJ talks to settle suits by families separated while illegally crossing border with payments of $450,000 a person

WASHINGTON—President Biden said the U.S. wasn’t going to pay immigrant families who were separated at the Mexico border during the Trump administration, throwing into doubt settlements the Justice Department has been negotiating to resolve legal claims by the families.

“That’s not going to happen,” Mr. Biden told reporters at the White House on Wednesday.

By Aruna ViswanathaSadie Gurman and Andrew Restuccia

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