Biden Is Selling Our Oil To The CCP

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Gaffney And Walsh Analyze The Negative Effects For Americans From Biden Selling Our Oil To the CCP

Steve Bannon talks to international affairs expert Frank Gaffney about the shocking revelation that the Biden Administration has been using oil from the national Strategic Petroleum Reserve to kowtow to the Chinese Communist Party. The segment begins with a clip from Dave Walsh’s appearance on “War Room: Battleground,” then continues with Tucker Carlson’s call for Biden to be impeached over giving our oil to the Chinese. Gaffney rounds out the segment by pointing out that the Biden Administration has two goals: 1) to hurt the United States, and 2) to aid China.

Gaffney Calls For ‘Impeachment’ For Biden’s ‘Treason’ Of Selling America’s Resources To CCP

Frank Gaffney of the Committee on the Present Danger: China talks to host Steve Bannon about the revelation by Reuters that Joe Biden has been depleting the U.,S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves partly to send oil to our strategic enemy, China.

“This administration does everything it can to conduct itself as a wrecking operation against our country, but selling our strategic petroleum reserves to our mortal enemy is simply beyond belief… It is treason.”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart