Biden Predicts ‘Winter of Severe Illness’ for Unvaccinated, Ignores Science on COVID Vaccines, Treatments

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In his speech today to the nation, President Biden invoked “overwhelming science” to justify his COVID solutions — vaccines, boosters and masking — but provided no details to back up the science behind his plan to end the pandemic.

Today, President Biden addressed the nation about plans to manage the Omicron variant.

Acknowledging that people are tired and frustrated, he did little to change course or shift the narrative away from blaming the unvaccinated for continuing disease.

Biden’s remarks followed last week’s warning from the White House that those unvaccinated against COVID will be “looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.”

Although the president today invoked “overwhelming science” to justify his solutions —  vaccines, boosters and masking — he provided no details to back up the science or his proposed solutions.

But why would those solutions — the same solutions he’s been proposing all along — succeed now, when for the past two years, they’ve only failed?

The president also blamed the ongoing rise in COVID cases on those purveying “dangerous misinformation” and “peddling lies.”

He called out such actors as “wrong” and “immoral” and called on them to stop.

Many, many times throughout today’s speech Biden pleaded for people to “please get vaccinated.”

He exhorted that people could safely celebrate Christmas, so long as they are vaccinated, boosted and wearing masks indoors.

In a small window of welcome news, Biden said further lockdowns are unlikely and schools should remain open.

Biden also outlined a number of specifics — including more pop-up vaccination clinics, 500 million at-home, free COVID test kits and greater stocks of accessible personal protective equipment — to handle the expected upcoming surge of COVID cases.

But what the president didn’t say today was as significant as what he did say.

Biden uttered not a word about effective early treatments that can save lives; about the staggering tally of injuries and deaths among the vaccinated and boosted; or about the science of antibody-dependent enhancement or pathogenic priming that seems to account for “breakthrough” cases among the vaccinated.

Biden didn’t mention the states and corporations that refuse to uphold federal vaccine mandates; the obscene profits COVID vaccine makers are reaping; or the rampant, serious inflationary pressure his COVID policies have engendered.

It is hard to see that anything the president announced today will dramatically alter the current course of more fearmongering, more blame heaped on the unvaccinated, and more preventable deaths caused by the failure to promote safe and effective early treatments against COVID.

The president’s disappointing speech signaled a “stay the course” path ahead. Our best hope to reverse course lies in greater public education, engagement and resistance — the very type of work Children’s Health Defense encourages and engages in every day.

By Mary Holland

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