BIG Tech’s Influence over Biden-Harris Ticket should concern all Americans

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The Amistad Project exposed for us just how much illegal influence Mark Zuckerberg’s dark money network had on the 2020 elections process, but top executives at Facebook and Twitter also donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Biden’s campaign and many are now going to be part of the Biden-Harris Administration. We also saw bias and censorship by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and even Google search is modified to exclude content favorable to Republican candidates and conservative issues and was especially unfavorable to the Trump-Pence Campaign. All of this should be very concerning to all Americans.

Biden’s Tech Hires:

Jessica Hertz: Former Facebook Attorney
Cynthia Hogan: Ran Apple’s lobbying operation
Christian Tom: Twitter and Google / YouTube revenue roles

Big Tech’s stealth push to influence the Biden administration

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Silicon Valley is working behind the scenes to secure senior roles for tech allies in lesser-known but still vital parts of president-elect Joe Biden’s administration, even as the pushback against Big Tech from progressive groups and regulators grows.

The Biden transition team has already stacked its agency review teams with more tech executives than tech critics. It has also added to its staff several officials from Big Tech companies, which emerged as top donors to the campaign.

Now, executives and employees at tech companies such as Alphabet Inc-owned Google, Inc, Facebook Inc, Microsoft Corp are pushing to place candidates in senior roles at government agencies, according to four sources with knowledge of the matter.

The agencies many of these executives are aiming for include the U.S. Commerce Department, Office of the United States Trade Representative, the Office of Information & Regulatory Affairs – a key agency under the White House Office of Management & Budget which drafts policies impacting the tech industry, the State Department and the Department of Defense, according to the sources.

Many company executives, who in some cases helped raise money for the Biden campaign or have ties to those on the president-elect’s transition team, still have a huge commercial interest in pushing candidates with industry ties at the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission – both of which are investigating whether Big Tech abused its market power. But the spotlight on those agencies from progressive interest groups and members of Congress is likely to make it much harder for Silicon Valley to succeed, the sources said.

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Big Tech and CEOs Poured Millions Into The Election. Here’s Who They Supported

The Department of Justice just sued Google for alleged monopolistic practices. Both the Senate and House of Representatives have reamed out top tech CEOs in multiple hearings this year. President Trump has personal animus with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. And misinformation is rife across social media outlets, shaping American politics.

After years of cordial but largely distant relations between Washington, DC and the tech industry, controversial business tactics, accusations of bias, and activism during the Black Lives Matter movement have put giants of Silicon Valley have become front and center in American politics. That profits have soared while the rest of the American economy has struggled throughout the COVID-19 recession has only created more tension. It’s also allowed the big tech companies and their executives to spend a whole lot of money on Tuesday’s elections.

Below, we dive into the big donations from these companies, their employees and their CEOs, which have soared past $50 million this election cycle and almost all went to Democrat candidates.

Alphabet (Google’s Parent Company)

Total contribution: $21 million
Top recipients: Joe Biden, Democrat super PACs


Total contribution: $17 million
Top recipients: Joe Biden, Democrat super PACs


Total contribution: $8.9 million
Top recipients: Joe Biden


Total contribution: $6 million
Top recipients: Joe Biden


Total contribution: $5.7 million
Top recipients: Joe Biden


Total contribution: $5.42 million
Top recipients: Democrat super PACs


Total contribution: $689,000
Top recipients: Joe Biden

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Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart