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On July 21, 2021 Joe Biden participated in a CNN Town Hall at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati hosted by Don Lemon. Watch clips of Joe Biden from that townhall.

Biden Struggles To Keep His Thoughts Straight When Taking About Vaccines
President Joe Biden struggled to keep his thoughts straight when talking about vaccines.

Joe Biden Says ALL Children Under 12 Should Be Wearing A Mask In School
President Joe Biden said that all children under 12 should be wearing a mask in school.

Joe Biden Rambles: “Whether Or Not There’s A Man On The Moon”
President Joe Biden rambled about “whether or not there’s a man on the moon.”

Joe Biden Says Rob Portman Is A Congressman…He’s A Senator
President Joe Biden said Rob Portman was a congressman even though he’s a senator.

Biden Falsely Claims Former Obama Economist Larry Summers Isn’t Worried About Long Term Inflation
President Joe Biden falsely claimed former Obama economist Larry Summers isn’t worried about long term inflation.

Joe Biden Praises Communist China’s Dictator Xi Jinping: “He’s A Bright And Really Tough Guy”
President Joe Biden praised communist China’s dictator Xi Jinping by saying “he’s a bright guy and a really tough guy.”

Biden Admits His Extended Unemployment Benefits “Have Kept People From Going Back To Work”
President Joe Biden admitted that his extended unemployment benefits “have kept people from going back to work.”

Joe Biden Calls Concerns Over Inflation And Prices Rising “Rational”
President Joe Biden called concerns over inflation and prices rising “rational”.

Joe Biden Claims Trillions In New Inflationary Spending “Will Reduce Inflation”
President Joe Biden claimed trillions in new inflationary spending “will reduce inflation.”

Biden Falsely Claims Crime Is Down… It’s Not, It’s Skyrocketing
President Joe Biden falsely claimed crime is down even though it is skyrocketing.

Biden Scolds A Struggling Small Business Owner To Pay More To Find Workers
President Joe Biden scolded a struggling small business owner to pay more to find workers.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart