Biden’s new $2 trillion spending plan is Green New Deal in ‘disguise,’ GOP lawmakers say

The liberal media outlet Mother Jones also described Biden's plan as the 'closest' proposal to the Green New Deal

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President Biden rolled out a $2 trillion “American Jobs Plan” focused on infrastructure and climate change, and Republicans immediately decried it as the Green New Deal warmed over. Even an iconic liberal magazine agreed it had a lot of similarities to progressives’ signature but controversial climate blueprint.

According to a fact sheet released by the White House, the plan spends $621 billion in “transportation infrastructure and resilience.” The funding would be applied to repairing roads and bridges, “modernizing public transit” and making improvements to airports, waterways and ports. A substantial portion of that infrastructure funding, $174 billion, would be applied toward propping up the electric vehicle market in the U.S.

“U.S. market share of plug-in electric vehicle (EV) sales is only one-third the size of the Chinese EV market. The president believes that must change. He is proposing a $174 billion investment to win the EV market. His plan will enable automakers to spur domestic supply chains from raw materials to parts, retool factories to compete globally, and support American workers to make batteries and EVs,” reads the plan. 

By Nicholas Ballasy

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