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Black Americans For A Better Future (Bafbf) Is A 527 “Super Pac.”

Black Americans For A Better Future is the first and only 527 created to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party. Our immediate focus is on the Black entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are the leaders of our community—not the Jesse Jacksons and the Al Sharptons. We are not aligned with any of the presidential campaigns. Our goal is to work NOW to be able to deliver at least 15% of the Black vote to our eventual nominee next year.

Republicans average 9% of the Black vote during presidential elections even if we do nothing (Romney got 6%, but that was an anomaly).

As founder and chairman of BAFABF, I have travelled the country to meet with some of the top Black businessmen in America—Republican, Democrat, and Independent.

Without exception they have all agreed to find ways to support our mission, both financially and otherwise.

Through BAFABF, we will be the conduit for these highly successful Black businessmen to begin cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship with our congressional and party leadership at the highest levels.

Based on my extensive conversations with these entrepreneurs, their top priorities have become very clear. They want to discuss with party leaders issues that impact their ability to grow and create more jobs for their community. Issues like:

*Access to capital

*More transparency and fairness in federal government procurement for small business

*Accelerated depreciation

*Abolition or reduction of the capital gains tax

*Reducing government regulations

*School choice/vouchers and its impact on the business climate

These entrepreneurs understand the value of relationships and are seeking to forge relationships within the Republican Party where their opinions, experiences, and successes are valued and are welcomed.

Raynard Jackson, Founder & Chairman

If you are interested in learning more about the mission of Black Americans For A Better Future or want to support them financially, please visit their website and leave your contact details and they will follow-up with you.

Visit the Black Americans For A Better Future Website

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