Black Lives Matter leader justifies rioting in interview with Tomi Lahren

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Black Lives Matter leader justifies rioting in interview with Tomi Lahren: ‘Riot is the language of the unheard’

In a new episode of Fox Nation’s “No Interruption,” Tomi Lahren sat down with the president of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, Hawk Newsome, who argued that his organization and others like it are justified in using destruction to call attention to their grievances with American society.

“The riot is the language of the unheard,” said Newsome, who compared modern-day protests to The Boston Tea Party.

No Interruption Show Transcript:

Tomi Lahren: I’m not going to disagree in what you believe in. I’m not going to disagree with the way that you believe it. What I’m saying is this. When we’re talking about solving problems, the methods in which I’ve seen groups like black lives matter advance their their ill or societal grievances, when it turns into burning, looting in the streets. I don’t see it being productive. I don’t see it advancing the cause that I read on that paper.

Hawk Newsome: Your talking about 1% of these marches.

Tomi Lahren: But you don’t say anything against them, though, because you don’t say that’s too far.

Hawk Newsome: How, how, how. You know what, because a riot is the language of the unheard right. And for a country that drops bombs on people, for a country that that incarcerate people, for a country that enslaves people, to criticize us, right, for vandalism is preposterous.

Tomi Lahren: I want to make sure I’m getting you clearly. It is okay to vandalize, to light things on fire, and to loot businesses because the United States of America drops bombs on other countries, and because we have problems, problems here, and we have grievances, people have grievances. It is okay to act in that manner, and you co-sign on to that as the chairman of Black Lives Matter, you were saying that that’s is okay.

Hawk Newsome: Let me say something to you. I think that it is a tool of white supremacy to say, if you want we can get, if you want freedom, then you get it by protesting peacefully. Why is it a tool of white supremacy? Because the white supremacist who built this country never learned anything peacefully. They did it through bullets and blood, and that’s the American way.

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