‘Bloody War.’ Capitol Police warned about violence two weeks before Jan. 6 riots, memos show

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Reporter John Solomon of Just the News talks to host Steve Bannon about new information confirming that the Capitol Police had received information weeks in advance that there was potential danger on Jan. 6, 2021, and yet did not put effective measures in place to thwart that danger.

Emails, intel document flagged social media posts on Dec. 21, 2020 warning of troubling threats

Capitol Police received alerts from both U.S. Homeland Security and District of Columbia authorities about potential violence at the Capitol more than two weeks before the Jan. 6 riots, a pre-Christmas warning that flagged online chatter about waging a “bloody war,” concealing guns, and burning down the Supreme Court, according to internal memos obtained by Just the News that reveal much earlier and persistent red flags about the tragedy.

“Right-wing extremists are talking about tunnels below the Capitol Complex and the allegiances of USCP officers,” Capitol Police intelligence expert John T. Nugent Jr. wrote in an e-mail Dec. 21, 2020 sent to a distribution list of the department’s Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division.

Nugent’s email forwarded information from the District of Columbia’s intelligence analyst that stated a social post “had garnered quite a bit of interest online” about Jan. 6 because it included a map of the Capitol grounds. The post was “showing the tunnel system underneath the campus, and the thread has several mentions of digging, probing security, carrying tools to the Capitol,” the email said.


Two days later, another Capitol Police official, Matthew N. Hurtig, sent a series of attachments in an email summarizing recent “domestic terrorism” threats. His email warned that “militia members discuss attending a January Pro-Trump-Rally and that one of the militias, the Oath Keepers, was asking Trump ”not to concede, warns of ‘bloody war’ if he doesn’t invoke the Insurrection Act” and “seize all databases of the CIA, FBI, NSA, DNI.”


The Oath Keepers and their founder have been accused of playing a key role in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach, with 11 figures charged with “seditious conspiracy” by the Justice Department.

The same day as the DC government warning, the Department of Homeland Security sent Capitol Police an extensive dossier about online and social media chatter suggesting the Jan. 6 event could be violent.

The warning, summarized in an “Investigative Research and Analysis Report” obtained by Just the News, shows Capitol Police were given access to a non-public blog where maps of the Capitol and the tunnel systems were shared and Jan. 6 attendees made several comments that “promote confronting members of Congress and carrying firearms during the protest.”

“On December 21, 2020, DHS notified USCP of a blog referencing tunnels on US Capitol grounds used by members of Congress. The discussion is posted to a website for supporters of President Trump… The full websites were preserved as a PDF and attached to this report for safe viewing,” the intelligence report stated.

By John Solomon

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