BREAKDOWN: Is Pelosi FINALLY Admitting She’s The Problem? | Huckabee

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On BREAKDOWN with Mike Huckabee he asks the question, Is Nancy Pelosi finally admitting she’s the problem as she has held high office for 33 years.


2020 has been one of the most of them say years in my lifetime. It started with a continuation of impeachment proceedings against President Trump for his benign Ukraine phone call last year, then the threat of War 3 due to the US strike against the terrorists Iranian General Soleimani. Pelosi tore up the State of the Union Address. Trump was acquitted. Coronavirus pandemic concerns turn to pandemonium as the virus overtook the news cycle for weeks and wrecked what had to have a very strong economy. Democrats decided to investigate Trump for taking covid-19 more seriously than they did. Right in the midst of all this gross corruption of the FBI in the Obama Administration began to trickle into the light. Then as the infection numbers begin to fall off, the economy began to recover, and we all began to feel a bit of relief, a horrible abuse of power by a Minneapolis police officer resulted in the death of George Floyd and the country erupted into chaos. In each of these instances Democrats in the media twisted the truth beyond recognition to fit their own ends. In nearly every instance was the opportunity for the country to be unified by something we could agree on. But the left denounced the strike against the terrorists who is responsible for thousands of innocent lives lost and hundreds of US soldiers killed. We should have all been an agreement on that particular act.

Most of the country was on board with shutting down the economy as we learn more about the coronavirus and just how dangerous that it was, and for a few weeks we were united. But as soon as we had enough information to an act responsible and effective safety measures, just to make our own risk assessment and the begin working something resembling normal life again, the left seemingly eager to keep the economy from recovering, shouted hysterically about how we didn’t care about Grandma. They claimed hard-working Americans who wanted to get back to their jobs were just upset they couldn’t get their hair done. And when George Floyd was murdered by a rogue cop entire country was on the same page. What Derek Chauvin, the rogue cop, did was abhorrent and we all agreed it needed swift justice. Everyone felt that way. Yet again, the left could not allow this moment of unity to persist, so they started their backwards identity politics, hate bating and fear-mongering all into the mix. What should have been a movement against police brutality became a sweeping movement to make one group of people feel guilty for the sins of people I never knew. Some church groups policeman and other people are bowing down and apologizing for their skin color. In the minds of the radical left, there is no individual identity, only the group identity exists. And if your group did something bad, even if it was hundreds of years ago, you have to pay for it. The biggest mistake you can make that’s Drew Brees, the NFL player for the Saints found out, is the bow to the violent cries of the leftest raging mob.

How they deal with right-leaning individuals is no different than the tactics used in the Salem Witch Trials. Your accused of not being woke, you’re going to be burned. You admit to your sins, you ask for forgiveness, you admit you’re not woke and you must be burned as an effigy of white supremacy. There is no forgiveness from the left, only destruction. They behave like members of a cult, demanding that you cut off your own family for not supporting the movement. There’s no actual solution proposed. They believe the entire structure of America and capitalism, the system that has pulled more people out of abject poverty than any other system in the world, somehow needs to be destroyed, root and branch. They don’t care about fixing flaws of a system that works pretty darn well. They intend to get rid of it entirely. In it’s place they would propose the system that has killed more humans than any other system in recorded history, communism. Politicians have taken up using the term systemic, everything is systemic.

If there really is a deeply systemic problem in the US as opposed to a problem with a few or even many individuals, some of whom are in positions of power, than most Democrats currently in office might be to blame. Nancy Pelosi has held office for 33 years. Chuck Schumer for 21 years. Biden has been in politics for almost 50 years. Maxine Waters for 29 years. The list goes on. Now if they’re saying the problem is systemic, they must be admitting they are part of the problem, because for a long time they’ve been the system.

American citizens being united is a big No-No for the radical leftist. They’ve got to embrace the extreme or cower before it. Incremental improvements to a system of government is abhorrent to the radical. The whole things got to be torn down. Freedom of speech in the marketplace of ideas is abhorrent to the radical. Patriotism is a four-letter word to them. The positive aspects of our history, well we need to tear those down and ignore them because it upsets and confuses the radical who believes there is nothing good about America.

Our country’s future seems pretty dire right now, but there are a lot of people, left, right and center who believe we are worth working and fighting far. I want to encourage you to continue seeing yourself as an individual and accountable only for your mistakes and shortcomings, and continue to treat others the same way. As we seen, there is perhaps nothing more damaging to a society, nor or dehumanizing to an individual been viewing them through the lens and eyes other groups they supposedly belonged to. But thorough the fight of principled men and women of every ideological at racial background, we have ever strived to form a more perfect union.

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