China’s War with Taiwan

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Dr. Steve Bryen: “Stopping a Taiwan Invasion”

Cpt. James Fanell: A Declaration of People’s War

Capt. James Fanell visits “War Room” to talk to Steve Bannon about “Stopping a Taiwan Invasion” on the special episode devoted to unveiling China’s threat to the free world.

“I think the Chinese Navy as it is comprised today and the rocket force and the air forces and the join operations and this new national mobilization order we are all looking at all lead me to conclude they are preparing for a conventional strike to take Taiwan.”

Jeff Nyquist: Details from the CCP Meeting in Guangdong

Bradley Thayer: The Threat of PRC Aggression

Brian Kennedy: Chinese Mobilization in Preparation for War with Taiwan

Author Brian Kennedy talks to Steve Bannon in the “War Room” about the real plans of China to invade or take over Taiwan.

“In Guangdong Province on May 14, they had a conversation between the leaders of the Provincial Party Committees to discuss preparations for war with Taiwan. What had come down was a national mobilization order from Beijing, which would be coming from the Chinese Communist Party, which had to have been approved by Xi Jinping himself, that there was going to be put in place the steps over the next weeks, months to make sure that Guangdong Province and the southern provinces were prepared to help the rest of the country when they go to war with Taiwan.”

Frank Gaffney: The Looming Threat of Conflict in the Pacific

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart