BURRA: Brazilian Patriot Protests Rage in the Face of ‘Corrupt’ Elections and Media Smears.

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In the wake of Sunday’s presidential run off in Brazil, the contest between former President of Brazil Lula and current President of Brazil – the wildly popular Jair Bolsonaro – has been upended by massive protests and unrest as the tabulation of the results currently show Lula leading Bolsonaro by hair under two percentage points.

This mass civil unrest has been in the making, arguably since the day Bolsonaro announced his candidacy in 2016, and definitely since he won the presidency in 2018.

The globalist/Marxist resistance to Bolsonaro’s presence at the highest level of Brazilian politics has been unflinching and unrelenting, mostly directed by the hopelessly corrupt Supreme Court of Brazil. At every turn,  Bolsonaro has faced stonewall opposition to his attempted service towards the citizens of Brazil. Now, with the endless questions about the electoral integrity of the runoff results in this most recent election – in a country notorious for fraudulent elections in the first place – Bolsonaro’s supporters have decided to take matters into their own hands. They are hoping their mass uprisings across the country will energize Bolsonaro to take control of the increasingly deteriorating situation.

On Monday evening, I started to receive footage and reports from contacts in Brazil about the situation, with claims that real news was being actively buried by their media. Some went as far as to say that the protests and unrests were “fake”. The footage I began publishing to my Twitter feed – now risibly tagged with a “Misleading” label – was aimed at eliminating this notion.

The footage starts with a Brazilian gentleman stating, in Portuguese, that truck drivers had commenced major protests, and that the some Brazilian military officers and units had begun to join them. Reports circulated, alleging that Federal SWAT Police (National Force)São Paolo Civilian PoliceNational Road Police, and Military Police had started joining the protesters and providing logistical and operational support for them.

By Vish Burra

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