California’s New Pro-Kidnapping Bill Is Pure Evil — And Here’s Why Republicans MUST Copy It in Every Red State

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Republicans nationwide have a new role model: California State Senator Scott Wiener.

California State Senator Scott Wiener

No, really!

Many of you have likely spotted Wiener in the news before. In 2017, Wiener co-authored a bill that lowered the penalty for intentionally spreading HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor. In 2020, he authored the California law that reduced the penalty for anally raping a minor. That same year, Wiener also wrote and passed a law compelling California prisons to house male inmates in women’s prisons as long as they “identify” as female.

(Why, yes, Wiener is a homosexual. How did you guess?)

Now, Wiener is in the national news again, as the prime mover behind California’s latest legislative innovation: helping parents kidnap children in order to trannify them:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom this week signed legislation that will block state officials from enforcing other states’ laws that hinder access to transgender medical procedures and drugs.

The new law, sponsored by Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat, passed the legislature in late August. It is a response to recent efforts from some red states to ban transgender procedures and drugs for minors, and effectively sets up California as a sanctuary for those seeking to escape those laws.

One such law in Arkansas that is facing a court challenge bans “gender transition procedures,” including surgeries or drugs, for children under 18. Texas, meanwhile, is in a legal fight after its Attorney General Ken Paxton declared “certain medical and chemical procedures – several of which have the effect of sterilization” to be child abuse.

Under the California law, state agencies and law enforcement organizations are now banned from cooperating with subpoenas and other out-of-state legal actions on these matters. It shields both children and parents seeking to obtain or provide those transgender services from legal consequences.

According to State Sen. Wiener, the law prohibits enforcement of other state laws that allow a child to be removed from parents or guardians who allow their child to receive “gender-affirming health care.” It would also bar California from complying with out-of-state subpoenas seeking information on families who seek that care in California, and put criminal arrest warrants against people who violate these out-of-state laws on the “lowest priority for law enforcement.”

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