Catastrophic News For Democrats In This Country

Boris Epshteyn on War Room with Steve Bannon
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Boris Epshteyn opened the afternoon edition on “War Room” on September 1, 2021, by talking about the devastating polls from the Economist/YouGov and Morning Consult showing a deep decline in support for Democrats and Joe Biden.

“This poll from Economist/YouGov that has the country on “good direction versus “wrong direction” … showed 29 percent “right direction,” 58 percent “wrong track” — and that is a referendum on the Biden administration, referendum on Democrats, referendum on Nancy Pelosi… Upside down by 30 points in a poll that is “D+14.” That means they oversampled Democrats by 14 percent in this poll, and Democrats are still upside down by 30, which means they are upside down by almost 50 percent. This is absolutely catastrophic for Democrats in this country.”

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