Chart of the Day: Is Arizona a Narco-State?

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Narco boss José Guadalupe “Lupe” Tapia Quintero was recently arrested in Mexico. The US Treasury Department says Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada’s lieutenant is “responsible for coordinating the purchase and transportation of cocaine and methamphetamine from Sinaloa to Arizona and California.”

The US Treasury Department described “El Lupe” as a “senior lieutenant” of the Sinaloa Cartel for “his role in the drug trafficking activities of Ismael’ Mayo’ Zambada García and for playing a significant role in international drug trafficking. Tapia Quintero is responsible for coordinating the purchase and transportation of cocaine and methamphetamine from Sinaloa into the US, specifically Arizona and California, on a monthly basis.”

But does this mean the narco-war has resolved? Or does it go much deeper?

At a recent Arizona Senate Elections and House Oversight hearings, there was explosive testimony given by Jackie Berger. It outlined the most complex investigation into political corruption in Arizona. Here is a small list of what was shockingly presented.

  • Jackie Berger works with the law office of Harris Thaler and has worked on fraud claims reporting in multiple states across the US in conjunction with law enforcement organizations for nearly 30 years – specific states include Illinois, Idaho, Iowa, California, and New Mexico, just to name a few. 
  • Background:
    • 25% of active judges potentially have accepted bribes,
    • 120,000 documents were reviewed, and 10,000 falsified documents in Maricopa were counted, with another 35,000 already existing documents suspected.
    • 15,000 false deeds to properties.
    • 25k falsified ballots were found, and with
    • $7.5bn of potential fraud was viewed in the Arizona area alone.
  • Evidence was found of:
    • narcotic sales,
    • insurance fraud,
    • bankruptcy fraud,
    • mortgage fraud,
    • banking fraud,
    • extortion,
    • money laundering,
    • tax evasion,
    • bribery of government officials,
    • falsifying public records,
    • child support fraud and evasion,
    • human trafficking,
    • payroll fraud,
    • education tuition fraud, and
    • election fraud.
  • Actors include but are not limited to:
    • various levels of politicians,
    • judges,
    • mental health providers,
    • government workers,
    • police enforcement officials,
    • attorneys,
    • mortgage company officials,
    • real estate agents, and
    • inspection companies,
  • Activities include but are not limited to:
    • civil rights violations,
    • inappropriate large fines and cash bonds,
    • extortion schemes,
    • illegal wiretapping and surveillance,
    • built-in back doors made to government and private institution databases (to add, modify and delete documentation),
    • change to criminal records,
    • planting of fraudulent evidence,
    • swatting of whistleblowers and troublemakers for their schemes,
    • illegal breaking and entering,
    • creating phantom identities,
    • innocent people prosecuted that posed threats to their schemes,
    • awarding phantom or inappropriate licensing and degrees from universities, private institutions, and government entities,
    • phantom election officials appointed, and
    • vote rigging.

All these items in Jackie Berger’s testimony were to support an elaborate scheme of alleged racketeering activities of the Sinaloa Cartel. The main activity was allegedly to sell narcotics and launder profits via fake single-family home purchase schemes – but there were other activities, as noted above.

Jackie Berger noted that their team had no subpoena power, and their findings were merely the tip of the iceberg. They will be producing a report with a 3000-page annex that describes in more detail and will provide evidence.

Perhaps a bit long to wade though, but if you do, you will be shocked at her testimony in the video below.

The following table is an extract of the known public officials believed to be involved in all the Arizona racketeering schemes.

The list of potential nefarious politicians is extensive:

  • John Giles (Mayor of Mesa),
  • Katie Hobbs (AZ Governor),
  • Kyrsten Sinema (US Senator),
  • Bill Toma (AZ Speaker of the House), and
  • Ruben Gallego (3rd District US Congressman),

… just to name a few of the more high-profile names. Note that there are both Democrats and Republicans on this list. Perhaps this explains why Kari Lake when she supposedly lost the governor race in 2022, could not get much Republican support to look into any of the voter fraud issues she raised.

What is disturbing about this report is that even if 10% of what Jackie Berger testified to is correct, Arizona is turning into a narco-state US state. Perhaps what is even more disturbing is that other states have been mentioned as well in these reports – as well as other cartels not even discussed. Is the US turning into a narco-state country?

Many feel Mexico and many of the south-of-the-border countries are already narco-state countries. Why would anyone be surprised that the US could turn into a narco-state country, where a growing number of its citizens (or residents) came from narco-states in the first place?

It is fair to ask just who are John Thaler and Ms. Jacqueline Breger. Interpersonal realtionships complicate the picture somewhat and are a conflict of interest – see details here. This does not mean the info provided is not true, but it does throw red flags of caution.

There is no way for the RWR to know whether or not the claims in Berger’s testimony are accurate. We encourage all to do their due diligence with the information provided. We do know that the claims have not been debunked as of now. Americans deserve a full vetting and investigation of these explosive claims.

By Tom Williams

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