Chart of the Day: Where Murders Are Committed in America

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In a previous post, the Right Wire Report reported on “Crime in America Keeps Going Up.” In other  Right Wire Report reports, “Blue, Woke, and Big City Crime Keeps Rising” and “Now Mainstream Media Propagandizes, Says Trump-voting Areas are the Source of Rising Crime.”

To further exemplify the state of crime in America, we want to look at the shocking reality of where crime actually takes place – on a county-by-county basis within each state. Though recently, murder rates are starting to rise significantly, noting where they are rising is important.

An excellent example of this is provided by recent research on the US murder rate by the Crime Prevention Research Center, and its president, John R. Lott Jr. Lott’s research shows instead that “homicide rates have spiked, but most of America has remained untouched.” Lott’s research, which used 2020 homicide data, examined the concentration of homicides in particular areas to see whether America’s increasing homicide problem is national or local.

Below is a chart that shows that a mere fraction of the 3033 US counties is affected by homicide crime – learn more here and here.

Below is the same data from the above chart in tabular form.

In contrast, over half of US counties (52%) had zero homicides in 2020, and roughly one-sixth of the counties (16 percent) had only one. To get a better idea of where these more dangerous counties are, see the map below and learn more hereHere is a more recent list of the 15 most dangerous cities in America.

But where are the more recent trends in murder rates? At least 12 major US cities broke annual homicide records in 2021 – see this in the chart below, but not these are not the worst cities, merely the cities that are on the rise relative to murder in America.

The key takeaway from this article is to show that America is not necessarily any more violent country than any other Western country – if one lives in the other 95-98% of America. Many would like to point to gun control as the problem. However, this simply does not explain the imbalance in homicides being reported in a minority of areas.

Give us your take on whether you would consider moving to a safer area of America to escape crime-ridden areas.

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By Tom Williams

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