Cheney ‘secretly orchestrated Washington Post op-ed by Defense Secretaries warning against Trump’s efforts to politicize the military’

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  • Liz Cheney organized op-ed by former Defense Secretaries, according to report 
  • In it, they warned that ‘involving the military in election disputes would cross into dangerous territory’
  • Op-ed ran in the Washington Post three days before the January 6 Capitol riot 
  • It said the time for questioning election results ‘has passed’  
  • New Yorker reported on her role and quoted Eric Edelman, a friend of Cheney’s

Rep. Liz Cheney secretly masterminded an extraordinary Washington Post op-ed authored by top military leaders just three days before the January 6 Capitol riot, it has been claimed. 

The letter published in the Washington Post contained a stark warning from 10 Defense Secretaries from both parties – and came just three days before the January 6 Capitol riot.  

Now, the Wyoming Republican could be within days of losing her elected leadership post amid a clash with Trump that came to a head with his claim that the 2020 election was a ‘BIG LIE.’ 

And the revelation of her involvement in the piece, which will infuriate pro-Trump Republicans, came two days after Cheney penned her own slashing op-ed, also published in the Post.

In it she lays out a stark choice for her party between Donald Trump’s crusade to ‘delegitimize’ Joe Biden’s election and her own and fidelity to the U.S. Constitution. 

The letter from the Defense Secretaries stated that the time for questioning election results ‘has passed’ and said involving the military in electoral disputes would take the nation into ‘unlawful and unconstitutional territory.’

It was a key break as members of the military, lawmakers, and retired statesmen issued public statements in an effort to promote a transition in power despite Trump’s refusal to concede the election. 


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