China Has Taken Over Bagram Air Base

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Steve Bannon: We’ve got to get to this other topic that’s actually another massive issue here and that is the world sliding into a kinetic war with the Chinese Communist Party. Whether it takes place on the northwest frontier of our ally India, up there at Pakistan and Iran, the new super state of Afghanistan, or if it takes place in the South China Sea and Taiwan, it’s coming. And so we’ve got two guys, we’ve got Sam Faddis formerly of the CIA, who for years work the Pakistan Haqqani Network, leading us to make sure that that did as little damage as possible. And also a former Naval intelligence officer Jack Posobiec, former Naval Intelligence officer who speaks perfect Mandarin. So, I want to start first with over the weekend there was all this, everybody’s contacts were talking about, what’s happening in Bagram. And so Sam, is it the Chinese Communist Party, are they taking over Bagram Air Base, which Milley and these guys told us was not strategic, and we didn’t worry about it, or is it Pakistan in the Haqqani Network. Sam Faddis.

Sam Faddis: Well, there’s no question the Chinese are on the ground. They came, the aircraft, multiple aircraft, hundreds of Chinese, they’re on the ground at Bagram Airfield. I’ve confirmed that from multiple sources there and sources here in Washington D.C. so, not only do we know about it, but obviously the Biden administration knows about it. Are the Pakistani’s also in bed with the Taliban? Yes. Is the Haqqani Network there? Yes. It’s like the league of super villains. They are all there.

Steve Bannon: Jack Posobiec.

Jack Posobiec: Look you’ve also got to understand one thing that I don’t think a lot of people understand

Steve Bannon: Is the Haqqani network in Pakistan right now working with the Chinese Communist party, is there any doubt about that?

Jack Posobiec: Well Pakistan never stopped working with the Chinese Communist Party from the start. I mean, that’s where it’s been that we know, of course, the Taliban is also supported, and Sam, you know this better than me but, that Pakistan was the the inculcation that was the incubator, right, for the Taliban was Pakistani ISI and then, of course, Haqqani Network has always been part of that. And then, yeah, there’s, there’s, they are competing factions, the different, war lords and everything like that. The Haqqanis, by the way, Jalaluddin Haqqani of course, at one point, was working for some people out, out in Virginia that I was, that Sam knows very well, so you got a lot of complex situations there. But then, also understand, that a lot of this right now, all of this quite frankly, is being backfilled up by the CCP. This is the One Belt One Road Initiative. That’s the same reason that they are sending their fighters, 80 fighter jets sorties, across the Taiwan Straight. And just so you know, for the first time, we have four aircraft carriers now operating.

Steve Bannon: Four battle groups. With SSN’s and direct support. I mean, this is, they’ve never. As a 7th Fleet sailor, we’ve never seen this kind of build up.

Jack Posobiec: For the first time today you’ve got a Japanese carrier out there with F-35’s on it. Never before has this happened. Japan is standing with the United States and the UKs there.

Steve Bannon: And obviously our alias, Australia, with the new nukes. People forget that when Henry Kissinger was doing his secret meetings in China to tee up Nixon’s trip with Mao and Zhou Enlai. He flew from Pakistan. Remember he had the meeting and Pakistan are flew right from there. So, the Pakistan’s have been in the thick of this with the Chinese Communist party for 50 years, 60 years.

Sam Faddis what should we worry about Bagram right now? Before we shift to South China Sea and Taiwan Strait and Taiwan. What should be our concern. What should these feckless, hapless, Blinkin and the soy boy, Jake Sullivan, all this crowd, be focused on right now in Bagram?

Sam Faddis: Look, Bagram is a massive air base, right. The Russians built it but we poured a lot of money in there. You got multiple runways that can handle the largest military aircraft on the planet. You got hardened bunkers, control towers, communications. So, from there the Chinese can project power a huge distance in all directions. You should also look at this in conjunction with the fact that the Chinese have now entered into discussions, really are down the road in terms of basing out of Iran as well. So we’ve been talking for a long time about containment of China and how they don’t really have overseas bases, not anymore. Okay, this is a massive geopolitical shift. I think you also have got to ask yourself, okay, we gave up Bagram, the Taliban took it over, the Chinese are taking it, the Taliban has no air defense and the Taliban effectively has no Air Force, why are we leaving Bagram intact? Why don’t we crater the runway and take out all the key facilities? We can do that any day we want, no risk to ourselves.

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