China Outpacing US in Military Ship Buildup: Former Intelligence Officer

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China is outpacing the United States in military ship buildup, according to veteran intelligence officer and author Grant Newsham.

Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro said on Feb. 28 that the Chinese military is producing warships at a greater pace than the United States, jeopardizing U.S. supremacy on the seas. He noted that China currently has about 340 ships and is seeking to add 100 more by 2030.

Newsham echoed Toro’s opinion, noting that the number doesn’t even include the regime’s coast guard ships, which are built like warships, and a maritime militia that adds thousands of ships to that.

The U.S. Navy reportedly has about 295 ships to cover the entire world.

“The Chinese shipyards have been launching at about a rate of 5 to 1 over the last decade. So for every warship we put in the water, they put five, and they have a much bigger shipbuilding capacity than we do; we have allowed ours to wither. And the Chinese have built theirs up just at a breathtaking speed,” Newsham told NTD’s “China in Focus” program on March 4.

“If Chinese authorities pick their spots, and get the right circumstances, they would give us a real bloody nose, to put it mildly.

“And we’ve effectively allowed them to catch up with us and overtake us. Over the last 20 years at least, we dismissed the threat, we refused to address it, and people who did raise concern … were sidelined and silenced.”

Multipronged War

China has waged a multipronged war on the United States for several decades, according to Newsham, who is also an Epoch Times contributor.

“What I point out is that China is already attacking us,” he said. “And they’ve been at it for at least 30 years—longer, most likely, but just take 30—and it has been a multifaceted front.”

As the author of the upcoming “When China Attacks” and with decades of experience in Asia, including as a U.S. Marine and a diplomat, Newsham said that “the Chinese approach to warfare and their concept of it is very different from ours.”

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