China Will Wage Full-Scale ‘Unrestricted’ War Against US as Long as CCP in Power: Security Expert

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As long as China is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), it will wage full-scale constant war against the United States, according to a cyber security expert.

“As long as the CCP is in power, we will have this forever war on a continuum. It’s not a win or lose, it’s gonna be a constant pressure on the free world that we have to deal with,” Casey Fleming, CEO of intelligence and security strategy firm BlackOps Partners, recently told the “China in Focus” program on NTD, the sister media outlet of The Epoch Times.

“This is a full scale-war that’s going on by the Chinese Communist Party, with the help and support of the Russians, the Iranians, North Koreans, Pakistan, and the Taliban,” Fleming added.

He referred to the battle as “unrestricted warfare,” in which “our adversaries are using combinations of military and civil power to expand the competitive space.”

He pointed to the Pentagon’s February report titled “Joint Concept for Competing,” and said that he agreed that what the CCP is waging is not a conventional kinetic war.

“War is not just peace or war. It’s binary on or it’s off, the way that our Pentagon has seen it in the past. So our adversaries view war on a continuum, and they’re fighting everything short of war,” he said.

“International competitors have engaged in election meddling, stolen intellectual property through cyber means, probed networks and critical infrastructure through cyberspace and, most recently, engaged in provocative forms of surveillance with platforms such as high-altitude balloons,” the DOD report stated.

Fleming echoed the view presented by the document, singling out green lasers over Hawaii that allegedly stem from China.

According to NASA’s assessment, it was likely caused by China’s Daqi-1 satellite, which the CCP says is a “Chinese atmospheric environment monitoring satellite” launched in April 2022.

By Hannah Ng and Tiffany Meier

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