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China now has cases of the Bubonic Plague, the Black Plague, which was recently confirmed in Inner Mongolia. This adds to the resurgence of the new coronavirus in Beijing and other parts of China, and to reports of a new type of swine flu that Chinese scientists say has “pandemic potential.” And floods in China are growing more serious, and are impacting at least 17.7 million people. So far, in the floods in 26 provinces and regions, there are high alerts on 309 rivers, and 45 of the rivers have exceeded their flood protections. Of them, 12 rivers have surpassed historical floods. The disasters are ongoing. State-run news outlets Xinhua published a warning on July 6 of a megaflood in the lower and middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Mudslides caused by the heavy rains on July 2 in Zhangjiajie washed away homes and washed away a school with students. Local reports from CiLi County say that dozens of homes were destroyed and at least 10 people were missing, but details are still unconfirmed. These stories and more in this episode of Crossroads.

Even worse is what China is doing in Hong Kong and around the world with their control of information, a military program which is run under what they call the Three Warfares Doctrine, the concepts of public opinion warfare (media warfare), legal warfare and psychological warfare.

Partial Transcript

5:26 minutes in to video:

First off, how China is influencing news outlets around the world. 

Now the International Federation of Journalists did a study (The China Story: Reshaping the World’s Media) based on 58 journalist unions around the world and they showed the quote multi-layered approach China has taken to reshape the global news agenda. In a study indicates the significant role in wide-ranging and pack of China’s moves to extend its influence through these initiatives, including journalism exchange programs, Union cooperation, content-sharing, training programs, media acquisition and promulgation of China and infrastructure skinscheme, the Belt and Road Initiative. So in other words, China is using all of these systems to influence media in all parts of the world, not just the United States, but everywhere. Now of these unions they spoke with, a third of them said they were approached by or where in discussions with Chinese journalists unions, and of those about a  third of them had memoranda of understanding with these unions. Now the IFJ data, this report says, also shows that China is conducting a media outreach campaign in almost every continent, equally targeting both developed and developing countries. And it says the report quote “clearly illustrates how Chinese media is increasing its global footprint in the world’s media and a strategy should clear signs of targeting journalists to outsource its influence, as it says. 

It also shows how the Chinese Communist party is buying influence in news outlets. 

The Report says this “Chinese companies are more and more ‘buying boats’ or ‘building’ them by taking stakes in existing legacy companies or  setting up digital joint ventures overseas, according to the report. Now this is according to the report again. While focusing on developing countries, Beijing continues to offer sponsored trips to China for senior journalists from strategic developed countries like Australia, where the All China Journalists Association has organized programs including a partnership with the Australian China Relations Institute and University of Technology Sydney that has brought at least 28 Australian journalists to China since 2016. In some of the research that I’ve done myself, this is true also in the United States, where they’ve also targeted major news outlets in very much the same way. The Chinese Communist Party runs programs under its state-run news outlet Xinhua running programs just like this from American journalist.

The report says this also, “The results have, in many cases, produced stores that faithfully at go Beijing position on issues ranging from the South China Sea to technological developments in China. And so what does that mean? It means the Chinese Communist Party has open programs targeting journalists around the world. They’re going after unions of senior journalists, unions of journalists in different countries, targeting them, offering them trips to China, bringing them on  these propaganda tours and instilling them with the Chinese Communist Party’s view on different issues that it cares about. And so many different news outlets that say, oh, have you been to China, have you gone to China. Well, if they’ve gone to China, chances are they’ve been  brought there through one of these programs. And if they’ve gone through these programs they’ve been indoctrinated with the Chinese Communist Party’s different narratives on the select issues.

Also from the Guardian here, China is reshaping the global news landscape and weakening the fourth estate. It says this, kindergartens, handicraft markets, high-tech companies, hydroelectric dams, political indoctrination camps? These are some of these sites International journalists are whisked around when you take part in all-expense-paid tours in China. The motive of  these invitations is, in the mantra of Chinese president Xi Jinping, to “tell a good China story” to the outside world. In the past that good Chinese story would have been told through clumsy communist party propaganda broadcast on its state-run news outlets. “But during our research for the International Federation of Journalists, we found Beijing is increasingly outsourcing the storytelling to foreign journalists, who often end up amplifying its messages in their own languages in the pages of their own news outlets.  And it says that more than 120 U.S. journalists have also been on such tours, as well as 28 Australian journalists.

And so this brings up the question again, what are the sources of these different news outlets feeding you stories on China. And even if they appear to be grassroots reporting. Even if they appear to be done by a journalist going to China and getting a firsthand look. Who is organizing those trips? Who is the one bringing them on these trips? I’ve said it before. For a lot of journalists who travel to China to do a report, their living in The Truman Show. Everything around them is fake. There being shown a false reality. It is the false reality that China wants to show the world. Now we should be clear, the Chinese Communist Party control of information like this is a military program. They run it under what they call the Three Warfares Doctrine. The Three Warfares Doctrines are media warfare, legal warfare, and psychological warfare. Media warfare would be exactly things like this, controlling or influencing outlets of information. Legal warfare would be controlling, say, International institutions of law, and psychological warfare is things at target people like you, people like me. Psychological warfare is changing the way you interpret information. 

And so when the Chinese Communist Party takes these journalist and brings them on these tours and shows them the reality and wants him to report, it is giving them these psychological warfare doctrine, say, templates, that support the world view of the Chinese Communist Party, so when people hear about things like the South China Sea, when people hear that things like Hong Kong, when you hear about the different human rights abuses in China, they will interpret it through the lens of the Chinese Communist Party’s arguments justifying such actions. And even when a lot of journalists try to act impartial and they try to be balanced on issues like this, and they’re not actually looking at the facts and trying to show you what’s really happening, they will be feeding you these disinformation narratives of the CCP.

And how does disinformation work?

Disinformation works exactly through things like this. It is what the Chinese Communist Party would call  the” borrowed boat strategy”. You want to use someone else’s boat. You use someone else’s news outlet. You use an established, say credible appearing news outlet, to carry your narratives for you. Because were these same narratives stated through some of these, say, state-run news outlets, as The Guardian points out actually, then it would be seen as propaganda from the CCP itself, not as, you know, according to some people, credible news reporting from major news outlets. And for the Chinese Communist Party ideology is important, because as far as they’re concerned social stability is based on ideology. The Chinese people not revolting against what they see the CCP doing against them is base and ideology. The international community not sanc, not sanctioning China for its abuses of its own people, is based on ideology. And also for the Chinese Communist Party, ideology ties into its international influence.  How do countries regard China? Will China get sanctioned for its different policies? All of this is based on the control of information, and for them this is a major strategic agenda.

Now moving on. China is using its Tongs to give Grassroots support for its new Hong Kong law. China Daily said this as of 11 p.m. on Monday, that was last week. 590,3797 overseas Chinese from about 160 associations had signed the petition endorsing the law. Now if you were to read this report, let’s say in China Watch or one of these mainstream news outlets that publishes it. Or if you were to reach China Daily, say on the HIll, and they do distribute to Washington to influence our politicians. If you were to read this, here’s what you, most people would think. The would probably think that China is promoting some propaganda, right? Or they would think some grassroots support among Chinese for this law, maybe some Chinese support this law. Here’s what it’s really about. It says these Chinese associations, 160 associations, and if you read the text of the report, what it actually says it names these associations. These associations are not grassroots. These associations are not independent, these associations are the tongs, and the Chinese Communist Party controls many of these tongs. And so in other words, here’s what the  Chinese Communist Party is doing. It’s using it’s control of these Chinese organizations, these fraternal organization from different parts of the world and having them sign these decorations supporting this national security law to give the illusion that the Chinese people abroad support what it is doing, and that is not the case. Many of these organizations push the CCP’s agendas in overseas communities and the Chinese Communist Party manages these organizations through its United Front Work Department.

Also in other news. China is building mansions for foreign government officials in its push for influence. Were on the Rocks had a great report on this. It said, “Last year, the world’s fifth least developed country, Burundi, inaugurated a 22 million-dollar presidential palace. In Zimbabwe whose economy the World Bank believes contracted by nearly 8% last year, a six-story, 100 million dollar Parliament building is nearing completion. The Liberian government, which oversees the world in 9th least developed country, is adding two new annexes to its capitol building and a new ministerial complex. The 66 billion dollar combined cost of the project equals more than 2% of Liberia’s 2019 GDP. All these buildings – and many more across the continent – were gifts from the Chinese government. When the Chinese Communist Party wants to infiltrate a country, it will manipulate the local systems. It has a different model for every country. In Latin America, many parts of Africa and many part of Asia, it does this through local bribery. It will bride local officials. It will build presidential mansions. It will give them back door deals. It will give them access to, say, business deals with the CCP. If you see U.S. officials travel to China and come back with, say, deals with the Chinese Communist Party either for themselves or with family members, they should set off a red flag, because this is what they do in every part of the world. This is how the Chinese Communist Party buys off officials.

Now moving on. Is Taiwan being discriminated against by the European Union?

Now few stories on this. Reuters has reported that the European Union has excluded the United States from the safe travel list, but it is including China on its safe travel list, if the Chinese authorities give similar access to the European Union. Taiwan, meanwhile has been excluded from the safe travel list according to Focus Taiwan and this is after Taiwan has had 80 days without a single local virus case and as mainland China is talking about a resurgence of the virus. And so on what basis is the European Union opening up travel to China while closing down travel to Taiwan and the United States.

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