Chinese Regime Intends to Have as Many People in China Infected as Possible: Sources

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s plan is to “let those who are destined to be infected get infected,” according to an official who viewed an internal document.

The official told the Chinese-language Epoch Times that the internal document has been circulating within the top echelons of the CCP, requesting that all regions should “let those who are destined to be infected get infected” and let this wave of infections reach and pass its peak before the CCP’s two sessions in 2023, which is usually held in March.

It indicates that the CCP’s plan is to have the entire population reach herd immunity on a full scale in two months, so that people will go back to work and production will resume at normal levels.

To this end, local governments and enterprises in China have issued new regulations requiring employees who test positive to go to work and not to take sick leave, or else their wages will be deducted.

The official asked to remain anonymous to protect his safety.

The Chinese-language Epoch Times was able to verify the existence of the internal document independently with two other sources.

Big Cities Criticized for Opening Up Too Slow

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) suddenly eased all pandemic control measures on Dec. 7, 2022, and a tsunami of infections immediately ensued across the country. The internal document reveals that the CCP purposely reopened society at this point because the economy was on the verge of collapse after three years of strict pandemic controls and lockdowns.

The Chinese authorities will also start issuing passports for Chinese citizens to travel abroad from Jan. 8, once again exposing the entire world to the virus, the same way it originally spread from Wuhan.

Song Wen (pseudonym), a public servant in Shanghai, spoke to The Epoch Times on Dec. 27. “There are people with positive test results everywhere in the mega-city, but the central inspection team still said that Shanghai is too slow in its opening. They criticized Shanghai, saying that the city should reopen quickly,” he said. “Some people also reported that many have died from COVID infections, but the leaders above said the intention is exactly to have those who are destined to be infected to get infected, and those who are destined to pass away should die as soon as possible. Some time ago, the media also made a similar statement, that let whoever destined to be infected get infected, let whoever destined to die from COVID die from it.”

By Ben Liang and Kane Zhang

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