Claudia Tenney finally wins Congressional seat in 22nd District of New York

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Rep. Claudia Tenney was finally sworn in to the United States House of Representatives on February 11, 2021 after a long election battle.

Its okay for Democrats to scream about election issues and that’s what they’ve been doing since November 4, 2020 in a court battle for the Congressional seat in the 22nd District of New York. Claudia Tenney and Anthony Brindisi have been fighting it out and Tenney finally won in a New York state trial court. The judge ruled that Republican Claudia Tenney has won New York’s 22nd Congressional District election. New York Judge Scott J. DelConte issued a final order finding that Claudia Tenney gained votes after her narrow November win, thus increasing her lead to 123 votes over Anthony Brindisi and thus she is the winner of the November 2020 congressional election in her district.

But not so fast. After Tenney’s victory, Attorney Mark Elias’ of the Perkins Coie law firm, along with 54 other Democrat lawyers, sought a stay of the ruling, and filed what will prove to be a frivolous appeal which is effectively blocking Tenney from taking her seat.

This story continues to illustrate a simple truth that both Republicans and Democrats understand. When Republicans win, the 54 lawyers at Perkins Coie like Marc Elias will leave no stone unturned to snatch a win from defeat. But when Republicans exercise the same prerogative after an election, democracy is under threat. The depths of hypocrisy are bottomless.

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Claudia Tenney For Congress

Whether in Albany or Washington, Claudia Tenney has always been a staunch advocate for her region and the taxpayers of Upstate New York. Claudia has voted against all tax increases. In the Assembly, she sponsored legislation to eliminate the state personal income tax. As an ardent defender of the Second Amendment, she was the first to sponsor a bill to fully repeal New York’s SAFE Act, Governor Cuomo’s unconstitutional gun bill. In Congress, Claudia fought for the hardworking families, small business owners and family farmers in Upstate New York while routinely working across the aisle, finding common ground with Democrats to get results for her constituents.

Claudia Tenney is a frequent guest on Fox Business and has been published multiple times in the New York Post, Washington Times and National Review.

Claudia Tenney is the daughter of the late Cynthia and the late Honorable John R. Tenney – who served as a Justice of the Supreme Court of New York in the Fifth Judicial District from 1969 through 2003. Claudia is the mother of 2013 U.S. Naval Academy Graduate, Trey Cleary who is now serving as a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps.

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About Claudia Tenney

Claudia Tenney is an attorney, businesswoman and advocate for the 22nd District. Her insight into public service has been shaped by experiences beyond politics, including juggling the demands of running a small business while raising her son as a single mother.

Claudia was elected to Congress in November 2016 to represent New York’s 22nd District which encompasses eight counties in Upstate New York. Prior to her election to Congress, Claudia represented portions of the 22nd District for six years in the New York State Assembly.

Claudia graduated from Colgate University and the Taft College of Law at the University of Cincinnati. She is the co-owner of Mid-York Press, Inc., a commercial printing and manufacturing firm started by her maternal grandfather in 1946 in Hamilton, Madison County. Mid-York Press now currently employs nearly 80 people in the Chenango County community of Sherburne.

Claudia was the only American employed by the Consulate General of Yugoslavia. She has remained active with friends and colleagues from the former Yugoslav Consulate and with the Bosnian refugee population in the Utica area. She also published and produced the first Bosnian newspaper in Utica, which is home to the largest Bosnian population in the nation.

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