Climate Change – The Whole Story – Dr Patrick Moore

Contact Your Elected Officials

Many Clinical Psychologists are warning about “Eco-Anxiety” which is becoming a really big problem for kids. Climate change is real. No one really debates this. But we must balance the negative with the good with regards to climate change and tell the whole story. It’s also not ok to skip school to march against climate change and trash the environment at the same time. I helped clean up Baltimore and picked up used needles organized by Pro Trump people. The EPA is going to start fining San Francisco and other liberal cities for failing to clean up their streets, giving out needles like candy, and not properly taking care of the poor. The Right and the Left both need to come together to help protect our environment, but using pseudoscience and unsettled science to promote solutions about climate change only endangers the mental health of our children and youth, not to mention a power grab for socialists in our public schools who are using our children for political gain. That’s disgusting, immoral and deeply pathological. Those in Congress who are supposed to be examples to our kids need to step up and speak the truth!

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart