College Funding Experts

College Funding Experts
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No matter if you’re planning for college when your kids are really young or in high school ready to navigate the college application process right now, the team at College Funding Experts has decades of combined of experience helping thousands of students and families plan for and apply to colleges and universities in the United States and world-wide.

We’ve earned a reputation for success because we recognize that no two families are alike and that each has different goals, personalities, capabilities, and resources. Accordingly, we offer every client a team of experts with specialized skills to help each family effectively navigate the college application process.

Our team includes mentors to counsel students about which college is the best fit for them based on their personality, preferred career choices, lifestyle and affordability.

Our experienced college counselors help students complete accurate and on-time applications and write effective essays based on each school’s admission preferences and criteria.

Our financial experts understand how to maximize financial aid and negotiate tuition costs to help save you money. (We even make you aware of tax strategies that can provide additional financial benefits.)

We have expert consultants for college bound student athletes too!

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