‘Common Pass’ May Open Door to Loss of Freedom

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Last month, United Airlines tested “the first transatlantic trial of Common Pass, an app that creates a standard digital format for COVID-19 test results.” Common Pass has been developed by the Commons Project and the World Economic Forum, and the hope is that it will both facilitate travel across borders and provide confidence to passengers that it is safe to fly again.

The pass right now reports on a traveler’s COVID test status, but it could easily transition to track vaccination status, and indeed the industry expects it to do just that. The acceptance of these types of apps as a condition to travel is a very slippery slope, and they should not be permitted for domestic flights.

Both the origin and function of this app are concerning. First, Common Pass has a worrisome developer. It has been created in partnership with the World Economic Forum (of annual Davos Summit fame), a group comprised of the world’s mega-wealthy, most of whom are committed climate change activists and confirmed globalists.

Historically, Americans are very independent people. We are suspicious of databasing and have rightly resisted gun registries and federal programs that would give our government centralized data on our lives, health, and habits.

Americans are also unusually mobile compared to the rest of the West, another hallmark of our unique freedom. For decades now, liberal elites have tried to limit American mobility by taxing cars and gas and encouraging people to embrace more urban living arrangements.

The sheer expanse of the United States, with sprawling suburbia and dotted with small towns where people live their lives away from the influence of liberal bastions and where they have better control of their local institutions and schools, helps keep America free.

A scene in the film “The Hunt for Red October” sums up the ethos of this American freedom well when the Soviet submarine captain dreams of life in America: “I will live in Montana … And I will have a pick-up truck, or um, possibly even a recreational vehicle, and drive from state to state. Do they let you do that? … No papers?” No papers, state to state.

Sometimes we take these attributes for granted, but globalists are always looking for ways to tell other people what to do, centralize power, and frankly erode American independence. Our ease of movement and our disconnect from centralized databasing make it harder to control the American public. The likelihood that COVID would be used as an excuse to implement and fast-track new technologies that would finally get a better handle on Americans and our mobility was clear from the start.

By Molly McCann

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