‘Communism Is a Cancer on Humanity—It’s a Cancer That’s Moving Quickly,’ Says Gulag Survivor

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Romanian gulag survivor Dan Novacovici has some invaluable insight regarding the current state of the world; he recognizes all the glaring signs of a communist agenda and began to realize several years ago that “communism was being implanted openly in the United States.”

The 85-year-old Washington, D.C., resident was a political prisoner in Romania during its communist era, post-World War II; being the son of a general in the king’s army didn’t help matters. In fact, Dan’s father was special forces commander and right-hand man for the last king of Romania, Michael I, who was forced to abdicate the throne in 1947 after being unsuccessful in pushing back against Soviet invasion.

Aside from this family connection to someone the communists deemed an “enemy of the people,” Dan was found out to be a member of an anti-communist poetry group.

He was sent to two gulags and reached the point of near death under extreme torture and starvation. Fortuitously, he survived and eventually escaped to France, later immigrating to the United States with his wife, Emilia, and daughter, Anca, thinking that “the United States would be the last country in which communism would come.”

“I never thought it would come here in my generation,” Dan told The Epoch Times. “It started, I believe, in 1948—every university has a communism club.”

Dan pointed to “the way things are repeated in the same messaging across multiple media outlets,” and “the fear that is created with this pandemic,” as all-too-familiar, telltale signs of a communist-infiltrated media and government. “The sentence structure and the way things are presented right now in the media is the same as in communism,” he said.

“I can’t point to a specific document that lists the phrases, but I recognize them from communism. … Phrases about how they care about people, about the future, but specifically the way it is phrased—that they do it for the good of the people. So—sanctions are for your health, ‘we are thinking about you and your loved ones.’”

By Peta Evans

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