Conservative Gays Speak Out Against ‘Radical LGBTQ Agenda’

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A group of conservative gays including a celebrity drag queen is coming out against what they call the radical left LGBTQ+ agenda of promoting drag queen events for children and trying to de-gender society by pushing transgenderism.

In coming out against “their own,” the group of men, all emerging social media influencers, say they know they are risking being ostracized by some of the gay lobby pushing these so-called “woke agendas,” as they called them, but said they are concerned that if they don’t speak up, the radical movement will ruin the progress gays have made to be accepted as normal.

William Browning, a veteran drag queen who now manages Ru Paul drag queen pageantries in LA, blames parents and educators for embracing what he told The Epoch Times is “obviously and absolutely inappropriate activity” being promoted by what he referred to as “the alphabet community.”

“There is a difference between being gay and promoting deviant behavior and we want to make that distinction,” said Browning, a former truck driver and diesel mechanic who has half a million followers on social media and is also a staunch supporter of former president Donald Trump.

Browning and the other men are so disgusted by what they call the “crazy woke gay movement” that they produced a video they are releasing on June 24 entitled Top 5 Things About The LGBTQIA+ Community No Ones Talking About.

The men chose Pride Month to release the video because they want the growing number of parents who take their kids to Pride Month events and are supporting radical gay agendas in their schools to see how misguided they are.

“It’s normalizing public indecency,” said Frank Rodriguez, who helped produce the video, “if we don’t draw it in and end this nonsense, the entire gay community is going to get labeled as supporting it.”

Rodriguez, who hosts a popular weekly YouTube show on gay-centric issues, said the gay community has enough problems without far-left gays promoting them as sexual deviants. “Being gay is only a part of who we are,” Rodriguez, who holds multiple degrees, emphasized.

By Alice Giordano

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