Cops, Kids, Reporters & Activists Were Murdered As Democrats Incited 2020 Riots… Now They’ve Accused Trump Of Their Tactics.

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The same media and Hollywood collective that derided American police in 2020 is now flooding the airwaves with their crocodile tears about the police who were on the front lines against trouble-making demonstrators at the nation’s Capitol on Wednesday.

News networks sickly dedicated just a few seconds to the death of black police officer David Dorn, murdered at the hands of Black Lives Matter looters in June 2020.

Back then Joe Biden was silent about the killings, too, despite attacking President Trump and his supporters for Wednesday’s violence at the Capitol.

There’s certainly enough blame in America to go around. But to be proportionate, let’s analyze some things very clearly.

On Whose Hands?

Even one dead is too many, especially during what are supposed to be peaceful protests. Everyone responsible for murder should be held to account. But that’s not what happened in 2020, while Democratic Party politicians encouraged their supporters to continue their violent protests while the media called them “mostly peaceful.”

It’s actually scarily easy to find video evidence of Democrats refusing to condemn domestic terrorism such as the armed, Tacoma immigration facility attacker who also clearly incited to violence by open borders advocates and politicians.

It’s also incredibly easy to find video evidence of Democrats egging on violent Black Lives Matter/AntiFa protesters in 2020, and even how long-standing a campaign of incitement this was, stretching back to 2015.

Back then, Black Lives Matter became “an official part of the Democratic Party” in the words of the leftist magazine Mother Jones:

“In August, the DNC passed a resolution declaring its support for the movement.”

By July of the next year, five police officers were murdered with a further seven injured by a Black Lives Matter-inspired domestic terrorist in Dallas.

Perpetrator Micah Xavier Johnson told police he was upset by recent police shootings and “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” He added, per the New York Times, that “he was upset about Black Lives Matter.”

Johnson’s motivations were explicit, and his inciters are obvious.

But the media now wants to claim that despite telling protesters to be peaceful and go home – even before the aggression at the U.S. Capitol – that Donald Trump is to blame for mobs smashing windows, and the eventual death of an officer.

25 Dead in 2020.

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