Could You Survive A Batman Screening Type Massacre?

Survive a Batman Screening Massacre
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The shootings at the mid-night screening of Batman: The Dark Night Rises, in Aurora, Colorado brought gun contol to the forefront once again. The first thing people discuss after an event like this is the need to ban guns. The first thing I think about is “why aren’t more individuals getting scenario self defense training so they can protect themselves and others in these types of situations. By the time trained professionals arrive, you and your loved ones could be dead, just as many were at the Batman screening. Disarming the good guys is foolish. Training the good guys is smart.

Could you protect yourself  in a mass shooting situation? The answer is yes, if you learn scenario survival skills that will help you stay alive. Could you protect yourself and other’s by having and using a gun? The answer is yes, but if you plan to carry a gun, then you must be properly trained to use the gun. Having a CCW and carrying a weapon does not guarantee your survival, or anyone else’s. In fact, without the proper training, you could be killed by your own gun or you could severely injure or kill those you are trying to protect. In today’s world we all should be trained in how to properly react in different scenarios, and if we carry a gun, having professional shooting skills and scenario based training is not optional.

The video below is one example of scenario training in a series of videos called “My Self Defense Instructor” by Reality-Based Personal Protection expert, Jim Wagner. We don’t recommend that you learn exclusively by video. You need to practice your scenario self defense if you want to react with a level head in stressful situations. The video will help you learn how to save your life, and by watching the video you will realize how much control you can have in dangerous situations, if you know what to do. This particular video deals with situation involving an office massacre, school shooting or other situation involving a shooter and even shows how Jim teaches his scenario training. Jim Wagner has all kinds of videos in his series that will help you learn to defend yourself in many different scenarios. Jim owns Reality-Based Personal Protection and writes for the Reality-Based Section of and has written many articles and produced videos that will help you learn to protect yourself. He also teaches Reality-Based Personal Protection seminars. We will be sharing more of Jim’s training videos and articles on L&L Magazine, so stay tuned.

About Jim Wagner
Jim Wagner teaches reality-based survival skills for modern conflict. He trains individuals using scenarios that people are likely to encounter in real life.

Jim Wagner started the “reality-based revolution over 10 years ago with Black Belt magazine (USA) and Budo magazine (Europe), and it continues to grow today with Jim Wagner is a former United States Army soldier, corrections officer, police officer, S.W.A.T. officer, Dignitary Protection Unit team leader, agent with the United States Federal Air Marshals, and serves as a Reserve solider in a military police unit. Jim Wagner teaches civilian, police, military, corrections, bodyguard, and security courses around the world. Visit his website at:

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