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The “Truth Over Fear Summit” features 40 doctors, scientists, attorneys, two bishops, researchers, and journalists.

Truth Over Fear Online Summit May 7 through May 9, 2021

  • Is the vaccine safe?
  • Do you trust the government mandates?
  • Do you believe the media narrative?
  • Are you required to comply?

Truth Over Fear, a 3-Day Summit Begins Friday May 7, 2021

COVID-19 and The Great Reset

Big Tech Censor SWAT Team was So THREATENED by the focus of the Truth Over Fear Summit and array of speakers who will be speaking Truth, that they shut it down last week in the middle of a live stream.

The Summit has simply moved to another host.

Ironically, the Truth Over Fear summit will now air vis-a-vis the  fear mongering “Vatican  Health Conference” at which U.S. government officials, Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins, will join the CEO’s of Pfizer & Moderna to rev up “global health threats” and how to overcome “vaccine hesitancy”.

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The Keynote speaker at our Truth Over Fear Summit, is Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. He exposed both financial corruption at the Vatican, and accused Pope Francis of covering-up sexual abuse.

Truth over Fear includes an international roster of 41 speakers — all of who have battle scars from speaking truth to power — are committed to preventing the dystopian Great Reset.

They are: scientists, physicians, lawyers, statisticians, investigative reporters, and critics of the corrupted science and public suspension of freedom and the right to make personal medial choices.

You will recognize many of the speakers, others may be unfamiliar. The U.S, Canada, Germany, Spain, Peru, and New Zealand are represented.

I am honored to be the closing speaker at this Summit, which begins tomorrow, Friday May 7th through Sunday May 9th — Mother’s Day.

Please join me for the Truth Shall Prevail & We Shall Be FREE

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Vera Sharav

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