COVID-19 Can Damage Kidneys–Learn Ways to Strengthen and Prevent

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TCM dietary conditioning one way to keep you away from kidney dialysis

The liver and kidneys are two detoxification organs of the human body and are known as “reticent” organs. Therefore, once kidney problems are discovered, it is usually in the middle and/or advanced stages of the disease.

Research shows that COVID-19 can cause kidney damage. Jonathan Liu, a professor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) at a Canadian public school, explained on an online program how to avoid kidney damage from COVID-19, and recommended dietary therapy to prevent future kidney dialysis troubles.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, patients with chronic kidney disease are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill after being infected with COVID-19. The National Kidney Foundation states that one comprehensive research report showed that between March 11 and April 26, 2020, the proportion of acute kidney injury in hospitalized patients infected with COVID-19 was as high as 56.9 percent—more than double the number (25.1 percent) in 2019.

Liu said that a large proportion of kidney disease is caused by the incidence of other chronic diseases, including:

1. Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes: Diabetes is a hidden incubator of kidney damage— especially Type 2 diabetes, which can sometimes go undiagnosed for up to 10 years. However, during that time red blood cells or protein starts appearing in the urine, an indication that the filter function of the kidneys has been impaired. At this stage, the damage caused by diabetes on the kidneys is almost irreparable.

2. High blood pressure: Long-term high blood pressure will cause glomerulosclerosis, a symptom of kidney sclerosis. At this stage, the glomeruli cannot perform the filter and absorption functions normally, and in the end, dialysis is needed to help remove the toxic substances.

3. Prostate enlargement: An enlarged prostate, kidney stones, or certain cancers can cause urinary tract obstruction and urine reflux, and directly damage the glomerulus, resulting in kidney disease.

4. Repeated infection: Urinary tract infection spreads upwards, causing glomerulonephritis. The current COVID-19 infection causes direct damage to glomerular blood vessels and then the kidneys.

By Amber Yang and JoJo Novaes

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