Critical Race Theory in NH: What it is, why it matters, & how to stop funding it

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Learn what Critical Race Theory is, why it matters to all of us, and what is being done to stop it from being propagated in our taxpayer-funded schools and government agencies. Learn what you can do to TAKE ACTION and help us get HB544 passed in New Hampshire.

Our main presenter was Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, a NH resident whose work has been featured in national media outlets including Medium, Forbes, PragerU, the Glenn Beck Program, and more. After attending a Trump rally in early 2020, Dr. Borysenko decided to #walkaway​ from the Democrat party and has become a prominent speaker, author, and political commentator.

Rep. Keith Ammon presents information about House Bill 544 (HB544), which is aimed at preventing the use of taxpayer dollars to teach the hateful ideas that seek to divide us into identity groups instead of uniting us as Americans.

Lily Tang Williams draws parallels between what is happening today in the US and what she observed as a child growing up during Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China.

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The 603 Alliance is a group of conservative activists who have joined together to create an organization—a movement—an alliance— of like-minded constitutionalists and conservatives with the goal of restoring Constitutional principles at all levels of our government by championing the principles of free people and free markets, uniting like-minded citizens in support of candidates who will further these principles.

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