Critical Race Theory is Part of Globalist Power Grab: Expert

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Concerns over the influence of critical race theory on public education have erupted over the past few years, sparking a moral outcry at school board meetings across the country. But the ideology, an expert contends, has been around for much longer than some might think and is being wielded by those in power to achieve a new world order.

“Critical race theory is just one tool—it’s one claw on the dragon,” said James Lindsay, author and founder of New Discourses. “The goal is in fact to install a de facto technocratic government over everything in the world.”

The author of “Race Marxism: The Truth About Critical Race Theory and Praxis,” Lindsay is a leading expert on critical race theory who rejects its premises outright.

According to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund: “Critical Race Theory, or CRT, is an academic and legal framework that denotes that systemic racism is part of American society–from education and housing to employment and healthcare. Critical Race Theory recognizes that racism is more than the result of individual bias and prejudice. It is embedded in laws, policies, and institutions that uphold and reproduce racial inequalities.”

Lindsay, offering his own more critical definition, said, “It’s calling everything you want to control racist until you control it.”

Also a mathematician and self-described “professional troublemaker,” Lindsay holds that the tenets of critical race theory are rooted in Marxism, but that the ideology’s traditional class-based structure was adapted in the latter half of the 20th century to revolve around race and, more broadly, identity.

And that transformation seems to have proven effective as, according to Lindsay, what originated as a fringe concept found only in the dark corners of universities has been working its way into the mainstream for decades.

“They’ve been very intentionally bringing critical race theory into schools at the institutional level since 1995,” he noted. “It didn’t just happen.”

By Samantha Flom

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