Dan Bongino discusses Ukraine transcript, and second whistleblower

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Author and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino says he’s getting tired of the ‘misinformation’ surrounding the Ukraine story and says the second whistleblower makes no difference, as anyone who read the transcript President Trump put out already has first hand knowledge of the call.

Dan explains, “You know who else has first hand knowledge of the President’s call with the Ukrainian President, the President of the United States and everyone in America who has actually seen the transcript. How do you have a whistleblower about a call we’ve already seen. Hey, Steve [Doocy] I’ve got a whistlerblower who’s going to give us an update on game two of the Yankees and the Twins. It already happened, the Yankees already won! We’ve seen the transcript.”

Ainsley Earhardt asked Dan this question, “When you look at the transcript of the conversation with the Ukrainian president it was about 30 minutes and when you read it doesn’t take that long to read so it looks like there is some that might be left out and the President, his staff said this is not the entire conversation. Is there something that were not seeing. Will we be able to see that. Does this put our national security in jeopardy, if we see the whole thing?

Bongino explains, “Will Ainsley, you know why a conversation that if you read it would probably take 8 to 10 minutes would take 30 minutes on a call. Because the Ukrainian President spoke in Ukrainian. There was a translator. The way this works on these calls, having worked in the White House, is there are a number of people on these calls and that transcript is the best approximation of the substantive content of the call you’re going to get. Ainsley, if there was something in the call that was substantive, some kind of quid pro quo, it would have been in there. The length of the call is irrelevant. It only has to do with the transcription time.”

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