Dangerous: Radical Democrats with Unlimited Power

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Tucker Carlson discusses the danger in radical Democrats with unlimited power. “There’s never been an American political party as radical and as angry as the Democrats are now. Imagine them with unlimited power and that’s what they plan to get,” says Carlson.


Black Lives Matter has said it wants to eliminate Police Departments, dismantle the nuclear family, and install socialism in the United States. Even the highly revolutionary year of 2020, those don’t seem like winning positions in the state of Indiana. So we asked Mike Braun to explain how that works exactly and it didn’t go well. We’re not going to play the tape, it feels like piling on to do so. We’ll just sum it up this way. At one point in the interview Mike Braun explained that he was pushing left-wing legislation because he was afraid of being criticized by Chuck Schumer if he didn’t. The whole thing went like that; it was remarkable, almost beyond belief really. Again, we’re not trying to be mean here. Cruelty is easy, to easy, especially politicians. The closer you get to them the easier, you realize, it is. Mike Braun doesn’t seem like a bad person. If you lived next door to him you’d probably like him. Braun’s just weak and he doesn’t really believe in anything. He’s definitely not alone in that. An awful lot of Republican office holders look very much like Mike Braun right now, probably most of them. That’s a problem. In a moment like this it is a severe and dangerous problem. Here’s why.

Republicans at all levels could lose this fall. If they do there will be profound consequences for you. People who supported Donald Trump will be punished. There’s absolutely no question about that. There’s never been an American political party as radical and as angry as the Democrats are now. Imagine them with unlimited power and that’s what they plan to get. In their first year Democrats voting rights to every illegal alien in this country and then encourage many others to join them from abroad. At a minimum that means more than 20 million new Democratic voters overnight. No Republican will win nationally again. We will have one-party rule. But Democrats don’t plan to stop there. In Congress they will buy a filibuster. That means they’lll be able to do whatever they want to do with just a simple majority, which they will have. They plan to pack the Senate by making the District of Columbia a state. Giving statehood to DC is unconstitutional, clearly, but they’re not worried about that, they plan to pack the Supreme Court too, they said so. So what will Democrats do with all of this untrammeled power? It’s pretty easy easy to imagine. We won’t go into the details right now, we don’t want to wreck your night, but look around, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s coming.

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