Daniel DiMartino

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Daniel DiMartino was born and raised in Venezuela, where he went to high school and where he experienced the horrible consequences of socialism firsthand. In 2016, he left Venezuela to go to college at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis, where he majored in Quantitative Economics. He writes about economics, foreign policy and strives to be an advocate for freedom around the world. His experience in socialist Venezuela taught him that any country in the world can go from a healthy capitalist nation to a socialist nation almost overnight and his goal today is to stop socialism from taking over anywhere in the world.

Daniel DiMartino has been interviewed on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, i24 News English, Fox Radio, the Glenn Beck Show, along with many other TV and radio shows. You can watch and listen to Daniel’s DiMartino’s TV interviews on his website.

Daniel’s articles have been published in the USA Today, Economics 21, Real Clear Policy, the Washington Examiner, and The Federalist, and reprinted by outlets such as FEE.org, CNS News, and many others. Read Daniel’s DiMartino’s articles on his website.

Daniel DiMartino has spoken at events and conferences such as the Mom’s for America Annual Conference and the Heritage Foundation Resource Bank.

You can contact Daniel DiMartino on his website

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