Dave Brat: The Real Price of Money

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Dave Brat talks with War Room: Pandemic’s guest host, Jack Posobiec, about the disastrous Biden economy, and why it is so hard to predict economic trends.

“We no longer use the free market system and the price system to run our economy, so now you have to be an expert in forecasting what political actors are going to do and what geopolitics are gonna do… When you calculate the interest on the debt, in about 30 years about half of all federal revenue goes to just interest payments. … So they have to fight inflation. If you want to know where it ends, right now just say the inflation rate is 7 percent and just say the interest rates are 3 percent, so you’re upside down 4 percent…. They’ve got to get that up to zero….”

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart